Vision 2018

This year we saw 9,582 decisions for Christ! We are so grateful for what the Lord has done and this is just the beginning of our commission as a Crusade ministry to preach the Gospel BOLDLY among the nations. 

We need your help! 

We are believing for greater and with that comes greater expenses that come into the plans for 2018. As the body of Christ, we are not aware of when the Lord will return but it is very apparent that we are living in the last days. Radiance Ministries is praying to be a part of the glorious end-time harvest of souls.  I want to ask if you would take a step of faith and sow into our ministry. We know we can not do this with out you and your agreement that the Good Gospel of Jesus must be shared. 

I want to let you know that not one of the Radiance staff takes a salary from our ministry.
Every dollar goes directly into the mission field. 

Our vision for 2018 is to go into 2 regions:

  • Spring- South Asia
  • Summer- Uganda
  • Fall- South Asia 

Thank you everyone who has believed, prayed, and sowed into all of our efforts to proclaim the Gospel. You have been apart of an incredible harvest!! Praise the Lord! 

Together in the harvest,