Surprised By His Presence

My recent trip to Arizona last week, was a trip I will never forget.


The purpose of my trip was to promote Radiance Ministries and our efforts to do crusades around the world. I was privileged to minister as an evangelist for 5 services, in 6 days, amongst 3 different churches. Little did I know; God had planned to do something in my own heart as I ministered to others about Him.


From the first night and into the final night,naturally, the Lord showed up like show and tell. I find that when you present the power of God and the purpose of Jesus’ sacrificial love on the cross, God undoubtedly displays His power through salvations, miracles, and His tangible presence. This week of ministry seemed to be one of those times that God reveals himself so evident that even an unbeliever could not deny His’ existence. I continuously found myself, caught in awe on how faithful he is to show up in the room every night. I love his sweet, tangible presence.


By the final night, I not only felt that the congregations were blessed but that God was blessing me.  The final service began with worship that was powerful and  God began reminding me of the first time I encountered the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit. I was 9 years old  at children’s summer camp. We were being ministered to by puppets and drawn to seek the Lord down at the altar. All I remember is being on the ground by the weighty presence of God, and not wanting to leave that spot where Jesus was encountering me. The service lasted until midnight, and then we went to our dorms to sleep. I remember laying down, almost asleep. The lights were out, and I laid there completely covered in ecstasy and peace. Suddenly, one of the boys who had also had an encounter earlier, began to weep. You could hear him across the room in the darkness. Then, the boy next to him began to cry and soon the entire room was filled with such desperation to be back in the heavy atmosphere of the Lord’s presence as everyone began to cry out. The counselors didn’t know what to do. They began to pray over us as the Lord came upon us once more in the dorm room.


As I stood at the service, remember this tender moment from my childhood, my heart began to stir for God to do it again. When worship was done, the Youth Pastor introduced me and I took the stage. I grabbed the mic and tried to speak but immediately felt the Holy Spirit come upon me so strongly. I would try to say a word but was just gripped with the same emotions that I felt upon my first encounter in his presence at camp. I was confused about this speechless moment and I didn’t know how to respond to God or the congregation. So, I pushed through the tears and emotions that overcame. I undeniably knew God was moving. I preached my sermon and went straight into the altar call. The majority of the congregation came down to be prayed for and just go after the sweet Holy Spirit that has been offered to us. Regardless of my words, His power was present and moving deeply.

I share this story because there is power in remembering the testimonies of what God has done in your past. Your TESTIMONY is the vehicle that will arise the faith to see God move again in greater measure. I choose to live everyday as if God is ready to pour out His spirit on me again.