South Asia Crusade Update: Day 2

Radiance Family,

We just finished our 2nd meeting. Tonight, the crowd was a completely different group of people that came to the meeting. The crowd was much larger than yesterday and when you walked into the tent there seemed to be a strong expectancy that God was going to do something powerful. 

The majority of the people that come are Hindu and they have no concept of who Jesus is. They were told before the meeting, that many miracles would happen through God the creator in Jesus name. They have never heard the simple message of the Gospel of Jesus. That he died for our sins and saved us to allow us to have eternal life. 

When the call for salvation was made many people continually kept coming down for the response to give their life to Jesus. It was glorious!

After we prayed for salvation, we then introduced Jesus, the healer and miracle worker. This is the moment that all of them were waiting for; that Jesus would heal their bodies. As I was praying and declaring Jesus over the crowd, a demon possessed woman was set free and also completely healed instantaneously. 

Some things that happened:
-  A man was paralyzed on the left side of his body. He was dragging his leg and could not raise his arm. After we prayed, he was completely healed. It looked as if there was never an issue. It was amazing. Praise God!

- A woman with chest pain for 1 entire year was completely healed. 

-Many migraines and headaches left people immediately as we would pray for them. 

-A young boy had blurry vision and was instantly healed when we prayed over the eyes

I believe the many miracles and salvations will only grow more extravegant in the coming days.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us and our team.

Together in the harvest,
Aaron Perry