South Asia Crusade Update: Day 4

South Asia Crusade
Day 4

Last night was our 4th and final night of our crusade. It was packed and overflowing with people, way beyond capacity! As soon as the seats filled up, all the people began to fill in the standing room and surround the outside of the tent to hear the service. Every night of this crusade it has grown bigger and bigger. Tonight we had over 1,000 people from the village come and seems as if every night it's a different crowd. 

After I gave the message, I asked the people to raise their hands if they wanted to receive salvation. Over half the people raised their hands. I actually thought that they didn't understand me, so I then said, "If you want to give your entire life to Jesus and never worship another God again, raise your hand." Even more hands went up than before! I then asked them to all come to the front so that we could pray together. This was a powerful and mighty sight to see. We then prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and their were many manifestations of demons and healings that took place. 

 -A woman with a leg that was all twisted up, could not walk normal. She was instantly healed and the leg physically re-shifted and relocated into the correct spot during prayer time. 

-A woman with a tumor on her breast received healing and the tumor disappeared completely.

-A little boy who couldn't walk or stand on his right leg began to walk normal again. 

Thank you for praying with us to see God move mightily in this region of South Asia. Tomorrow will be an exciting day, as we will go back to the village and introduce the new pastor to all the new Christians and begin the discipleship process so that we will see sustaining fruit in this region. We will then baptists the hundreds of people in water near the church in Jesus name. We are so amazed at what God is doing! All glory to Him alone. 

Together in the Harvest,
Aaron Perry