South Asia Crusade Update: Day 3

South Asia Crusade
Day 3


Radiance Family,

Tonight has gripped me stronger than ever. 

Tonight was our 3rd meeting. God has continued to move powerfully the previous nights, so our expectancy is growing higher and higher. The atmosphere of readiness and open hearts has increased every night, and tonight was no different. As we arrived to our tent, we were caught off guard by the rain. Thirty minutes prior to the start of the meeting, it seemed as if the crowd was so small, as if there were only 20 people there. As the meeting began to start, the crowds started flooding in. Our tent was at full capacity in a short amount of time. The tent was so full, we asked the children to sit on the floor so we could make more room for the other people trickling in. 

As soon as I was done giving the message, we gave another call for salvation. People began crowding the altar! It was so full, we had to move about 4-5 rows of chairs back to make room for all of the people eager to give their hearts to Jesus. It was so very precious. 

What caught me off guard the most, was how many demons manifested as the name of Jesus was being proclaimed. Once I saw this with my own eyes, there was no denying that God was in the midst of us. The deliverance only increased as the new believers had faith to know that God could also heal them from their oppression and sickness. The presence of God was truly overwhelming!

Healings and deliverance were taking place left and right. In fact, the majority of the testimonies were of the people being set free from the torment of an evil spirit and then having pain/sickness also leave their bodies simultaneously. Tonight, the people giving their testimonies of what God has done took over an hour. Here are just a few:
- A girl who had been mute since she was born, began to speak and say more and more words.
- A blind man was healed after 3 months of not being able to see. 
- A boy, who had fallen down the stairs, suffered from intense knee pain for 1 year and was healed instantly.
- Many headaches and migraines were instantly healed as we prayed for them individually.

Please pray for tomorrow. It will be our final night and we will be introducing the baptism of the Holy Spirit to empower every new believer. This moment will be very intense and we desire that every person receive this precious gift. 

Together in the harvest,
Aaron Perry