South Asia Crusade Update: Day 1

South Asia Crusade

                                                        Day 1

Radiance Family,

I just finished the first night of the crusade and tonight was incredibly successful! We had a great team; as well as an great crusade director on the grounds at our location taking care of all the logistics. The majority of the people who came either walked or were picked up by one of the many rented buses sent out to the region.

The crystal-clear Gospel message was preached, and the response to the call of salvation was absolutely incredible. The tent was completely full and over half of the people came down to the altar to make the public decision to follow Jesus.

The crusade team promoted the event in the village with posters and door-to-door invitations. They shared about Jesus and the many miracles He would be performing.

And Jesus did so many!!!

After the call to salvation, we then prayed for healings and miracles.

Here are some things that happened:
-A young boy was healed from his eye condition. From birth, his eyes were always watering and in pain, with poor vision. He also couldn't talk clearly. His eye condition was healed and his voice was healed as well.

-A woman came to me with hip pain and knee pain. In a matter of seconds, following prayer, she was healed in Jesus name.

-An older woman who had arthritis in her wrists and could barely move them. After praying, the pain began diminishing and she received greater mobility.

Once the service had ended, many more came over to me wanting prayer (this was amazing because most of them were Hindu). God did not stop performing miracles after the service. Jesus healed so many that surrounded me for prayer. It was truly remarkable to witness.

Please continue to pray with us for the next 3 days. That we would see more salvations and miracles in Jesus name.

Together in the Harvest,

Aaron Perry