Revival In Ethiopia

Hello Radiance Family, 

I am excited to inform you of our next trip coming up in mid-October. We will be going to into the bush of Ethiopia, to preach the Gospel! This will be a our largest campaign we have done so far. Continually, I have been hearing incredible news about how God is moving throughout this region and there is a great revival that is taking place. Where there is a great revival, I am confident to believe that there is a great harvest of souls that follows. 

We are working with a team that is currently on the ground in Ethiopia, mobilizing and working with the local churches to prepare for this mass evangelistic outreach. As Reinhard Bonnke always said, "Evangelism has to flow through the church and back to the church." With this being said, we are believing for every new convert to get plugged into the local church to be discipled.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us financially to see this region blessed with the Gospel? Our budget for the this mass crusade is $9,000. This cost is for all travel, logistics, and behind-the-scenes labor to make it incredibly successful. We can not do this without you. 

Together in the Harvest, 
Aaron Perry