Shepherd to King

Have you ever felt like God's promises weren’t being fulfilled or do you wish that there was a quicker way to seeing your destiny come into fruition? One of the great legends in the bible definitely experienced that. In fact, God had spoken through a prophet to this young man who must have been no more than 16 years old. This incredible young man was named David.This prophet, Samuel, prophesied that David would become the King of a nation. David experienced both, lowliness and greatness throughout his life but it never altered his identity in God. During his lowliness, there was a continual confidence in who the Lord was over his life. I believe the ultimate factor that kept David humble through the 15 years that he waited to become king, was that he trusted that God's promise would never be swayed. 

One of my favorite scriptures is Matthew 5:5, "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." This scripture doesn’t say "blessed is the great leader" or "blessed is the rich", but clearly states "blessed are the meek."

The meaning of the word meek, means: lowly, humbly, and/or walking in humility.

As David was prophesied to be King, he didn’t get a big head about it. David continued to serve his father in lowliness and meekness by tending to his family's flock of sheep. God's promise over your life should NEVER change your character from kindness and gentleness to arrogance or pride. 

David trusted God through a prophetic promise, and stewarded well what was entrusted to him. While David was tending to a flock of sheep that was under his protection, he killed a lion and a bear. This lead to David slaying a giant on behalf of a nation, which eventually led to him becoming King. 

Trust God with your purpose, serve in meekness, and never despise small beginnings.

With love, 

Aaron Perry