When I think of gentleness, I think of my grandma and how she handled all of us with care throughout the years. I think of how the evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit in her life changed us. I want to share with you the ongoing testimony of God using His gentleness in her to do mighty things.
   My grandmother married young and my grandpa was a wild man for many years. His handle was 'Dangerous Dan' to all those that knew of him. He didn't know the Lord, and he lived like it. My grandma gave her life to the Lord and remained faithful in her witness, prayers, and gentleness as the years added up. All of her life she lived with care and gentleness, day in and day out. Her kindness played a huge role in my grandpa's life. He came to salvation and gave his life to the Lord 10 years prior to his passing. 
   In 1994, my parents got a divorce. I was nine and my brother was under 1 year old. As  many kids do, this hurt us to go through the turmoil of a broken home. With mom away and dad trying to keep us a float, grandma was there with her gentle care to comfort our hurting hearts. She was always there to hold us and tell us how much we meant to her. She never ran out of that gentle love, it was like her tank was always full of love; never having to run on reserves. She was a vessel in our lives displaying the goodness and gentleness of God. 
   As years went on, I began to rebel from the family; leaned into drugs, alcohol and cutting for my stability. From ages 13 to 18, I was now on anti- psychotics, anti-depressants, abusing every drug that I could get my hands on (especially meth), cutting, burning, hearing voices, living in my car, and immoral in every since of the word. At night, I would throw all the clothes I owned on top of my myself to stay warm. After pulling in to the end of grandma and grandpa's driveway one night, I remember waking up to sound of beating on my car window early the next cold morning, and there stood my grandma crying. Because I didn't respond, she thought that I had died throughout the night because of the cold. She then brought me inside the house and showed me something I couldn't find any where else in the world. Love. She loved me with gentleness and care for who I was, and who I could be. Most were so frustrated with me that they had given up on me and couldn't bear to be around me. But the gentleness and love that was on her life kept hammering me over and over again. I found myself running from her love because it was so powerful that it scared me. 
   A few months later, the Lord delivered me from demonic possession and drug addiction. My grandma opened up her doors for me to stay with her and grandpa. Grandpa passed away four months later. At this moment, I was still very rough. I had a poverty mindset, fear, and many other things that Jesus was working through. I had spent two years wanting a Savior, but running from Lord Jesus. All the while, there was grandma, displaying gentleness and love by the Holy Spirit the entire time. She would weep (and still does) every time she prayed. She always had everyone else on her mind, and it changed me. The Lord placed me around this powerful woman of God to demonstrate what a life yielded to God can do. She didn't use violence or force, like I would have, to win the battles for her loved ones. She looked to Jesus and made the Kingdom known by giving place to the fruit of the Holy Spirit in her life. The gentleness of God changed me through my grandma, and I'm so thankful. Gentleness is a, day in and day out, miracle of God that He desires to put on display through you for others. Do it, and change lives like my grandma did and is still doing.
  I will leave you with this quote from Mother Teresa,
  'Be kind to each other: it is better to commit faults with gentleness than to work miracles with unkindness.'

Stevie Dodson