And this will be the sign to you...


It is the busiest season of the year. Everyone is shopping for gifts, preparing family meals and some are out donating their time in local ministries and charities. Christmas can be the most joyful AND stressful season at the same time.

                 But as the saying goes “Tis the reason for the season” is all about Christ Jesus being born. The day of Jesus Christ’s birth was a very dramatic day. King Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus out of jealousy, because he knew that Christ would become the Eternal King. Many prophecies that had been spoken over 400 hundreds prior were now coming into fruition just because this baby’s birth.

As I was reading the story of Jesus’ birth, something unique caught me off guard. The story of the Sheperd’s encountering the Angel leading up to Jesus’s birth. The Angel gives them insight on where they will find Jesus and it was through a “sign.”

Luke 2:12 says “You will find a baby wrapped snugly in strips of cloth, lying in a manger.”

This was the sign. It is so amazing that the sign was not finding Jesus in a King’s castle, wrapped in royal cloths in a royal bed with a celebration taking place. No, Jesus was to be found being placed in a manger (a horse trough), being born in a barn, possibly one of the lowliest places for a human being to be born. But yet out of this lowly and harsh circumstance we find Jesus, becoming the King and Savior of all the world!

         Many times in our own lives, we are caught up more in our current circumstance instead of God’s promise for us. Some of you may have been born in poverty or even raised up in the middle of nowhere with very little resources and think that your life is insignificant. Jesus displayed it best of what true insignificance looks like, but instead he turned his circumstance into an opportunity for victory.

You are a “sign"

Life may not look pretty right now but as you stand on the promises of God, you will be a testimony of the greatness God put in you and how great the God we serve is!

You are a sign.

Merry Christmas,

Aaron Perry