What's Next for Radiance Ministries?

This October 31st to November 2nd Radiance Ministries will be ministering to a group of unreached Hindu people in the mountains of Sri Lanka, South Asia. Radiance Ministries will not only be hosting a crusade, but we will church plant in that region so the Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka can continue to experience the miracles of God.

We believe that the people of Sri Lanka will experience the radical love and power of Jesus during this campaign. We want to empower the people to carry out the gospel in Sri Lanka.

We want you to be a part of this campaign by partnering with us in prayer or giving. Your belief in Radiance Ministries will help us carry out the vision for the people of Sri Lanka.

Good Friday

As an evangelist this is one of my favorite weeks in the year. This is the week that so many people, whether they are believers or unbelievers, will be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus. Easter weekend is the celebration of the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Today is recognized as Good Friday, it is the very day that we celebrate Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. It is the moment in History that John 3:16 came into fruition. 

Easter weekend doesn't end on the day of Christ's death but we look forward to Sunday, April 21st the celebration of Jesus being raised from the dead defeating death and sin and giving us eternal life (2 Tim. 1:10). On this day all over the world we will see so many make that incredible decision to believe upon the Lord Jesus and turn from their sin and start a new eternal life in Christ. 

I encourage you this weekend to invite a loved one or a friend to church because this will be the opportunity for them to HEAR the Gospel. In Romans 10:14 is says " How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?" 

I pray that God uses you in a mighty way this weekend to an incredible vessel to someone else. 

Together in the Harvest,

Aaron Perry

Finding Purpose by Pastor Kody Cross

Intimacy with God is the fertile soil that promotes healthy spiritual growth.

      Have you ever wondered how people choose the Christian faith and then one day just fall away? Is it possible that they didn't understand how difficult it would be to walk by faith and deny themselves? No one forced them to become a Christian, it was their choice. When I look back at my own personal journey of knowing God, I see that it was hunger which produced intimacy that grew my faith. Once the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to my need for God, I chose to place my faith in Jesus and repent of a selfish lifestyle of helplessly trying to create my own purpose.

     If we are being honest, at one time there was at least some fulfillment in living for ourselves. There was some satisfaction, sense of purpose, and maybe even a little bit of hope in satisfying our flesh. It isn't hard to figure out that humans are born with selfish desires. Ever see two babies fight over a toy? Unfortunately, when people get really good at satisfying their own selfish leanings, they often find it opportunistic to motivate others around them to achieve the same things in their lives. People always look up to others whom they wish to become like. One glance at any direction of popular culture proves my point. The celebration of the individual and the attainment of their own personal desires as a lifestyle has become of chief importance to our culture. American pragmatism says that what works for you is right for you and what works for me is right for me, even if they are contradictory to one another. Modern philosophy would love to do away with absolute truth. After all, if there is no eternal standard holding each of us morally accountable, then each of us gets to decide our own idea of right and wrong. Unfortunately, the nation that celebrates each individuals different idea of moral standards will soon no longer exist as a nation. Society as a whole will crumble under the weight of its own selfish desires. CS Lewis presents the idea in his book, Mere Christianity, that while we do all have natural instincts, we cannot go about constantly gratifying these instincts. Imagine if every time you were sexually attracted to another person you immediately satisfied yourself at their expense. Sounds ridiculous, right? Life cannot be just about satisfying our own desires.

     Christianity starts in a moment of self denial. We repent of trying to do things on our own without God. The way we continue to grow in the faith is by pursuing God and learning the difference between our own selfish ambition and God’s way of life. Intimacy promotes growth. Simply put, life cannot be about satisfying ourselves. If Christians cannot learn to keep our flesh in check, we will find ourselves right back in the bondage of trying to satisfy a broken nature that was intended to be submitted to God. Ultimately, if you want to find the purpose of any creation, look to its creator.


Vision 2018

This year we saw 9,582 decisions for Christ! We are so grateful for what the Lord has done and this is just the beginning of our commission as a Crusade ministry to preach the Gospel BOLDLY among the nations. 

We need your help! 

We are believing for greater and with that comes greater expenses that come into the plans for 2018. As the body of Christ, we are not aware of when the Lord will return but it is very apparent that we are living in the last days. Radiance Ministries is praying to be a part of the glorious end-time harvest of souls.  I want to ask if you would take a step of faith and sow into our ministry. We know we can not do this with out you and your agreement that the Good Gospel of Jesus must be shared. 

I want to let you know that not one of the Radiance staff takes a salary from our ministry.
Every dollar goes directly into the mission field. 

Our vision for 2018 is to go into 2 regions:

  • Spring- South Asia
  • Summer- Uganda
  • Fall- South Asia 

Thank you everyone who has believed, prayed, and sowed into all of our efforts to proclaim the Gospel. You have been apart of an incredible harvest!! Praise the Lord! 

Together in the harvest,

Revival In Ethiopia

Hello Radiance Family, 

I am excited to inform you of our next trip coming up in mid-October. We will be going to into the bush of Ethiopia, to preach the Gospel! This will be a our largest campaign we have done so far. Continually, I have been hearing incredible news about how God is moving throughout this region and there is a great revival that is taking place. Where there is a great revival, I am confident to believe that there is a great harvest of souls that follows. 

We are working with a team that is currently on the ground in Ethiopia, mobilizing and working with the local churches to prepare for this mass evangelistic outreach. As Reinhard Bonnke always said, "Evangelism has to flow through the church and back to the church." With this being said, we are believing for every new convert to get plugged into the local church to be discipled.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us financially to see this region blessed with the Gospel? Our budget for the this mass crusade is $9,000. This cost is for all travel, logistics, and behind-the-scenes labor to make it incredibly successful. We can not do this without you. 

Together in the Harvest, 
Aaron Perry




Surprised By His Presence

My recent trip to Arizona last week, was a trip I will never forget.


The purpose of my trip was to promote Radiance Ministries and our efforts to do crusades around the world. I was privileged to minister as an evangelist for 5 services, in 6 days, amongst 3 different churches. Little did I know; God had planned to do something in my own heart as I ministered to others about Him.


From the first night and into the final night,naturally, the Lord showed up like show and tell. I find that when you present the power of God and the purpose of Jesus’ sacrificial love on the cross, God undoubtedly displays His power through salvations, miracles, and His tangible presence. This week of ministry seemed to be one of those times that God reveals himself so evident that even an unbeliever could not deny His’ existence. I continuously found myself, caught in awe on how faithful he is to show up in the room every night. I love his sweet, tangible presence.


By the final night, I not only felt that the congregations were blessed but that God was blessing me.  The final service began with worship that was powerful and  God began reminding me of the first time I encountered the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit. I was 9 years old  at children’s summer camp. We were being ministered to by puppets and drawn to seek the Lord down at the altar. All I remember is being on the ground by the weighty presence of God, and not wanting to leave that spot where Jesus was encountering me. The service lasted until midnight, and then we went to our dorms to sleep. I remember laying down, almost asleep. The lights were out, and I laid there completely covered in ecstasy and peace. Suddenly, one of the boys who had also had an encounter earlier, began to weep. You could hear him across the room in the darkness. Then, the boy next to him began to cry and soon the entire room was filled with such desperation to be back in the heavy atmosphere of the Lord’s presence as everyone began to cry out. The counselors didn’t know what to do. They began to pray over us as the Lord came upon us once more in the dorm room.


As I stood at the service, remember this tender moment from my childhood, my heart began to stir for God to do it again. When worship was done, the Youth Pastor introduced me and I took the stage. I grabbed the mic and tried to speak but immediately felt the Holy Spirit come upon me so strongly. I would try to say a word but was just gripped with the same emotions that I felt upon my first encounter in his presence at camp. I was confused about this speechless moment and I didn’t know how to respond to God or the congregation. So, I pushed through the tears and emotions that overcame. I undeniably knew God was moving. I preached my sermon and went straight into the altar call. The majority of the congregation came down to be prayed for and just go after the sweet Holy Spirit that has been offered to us. Regardless of my words, His power was present and moving deeply.

I share this story because there is power in remembering the testimonies of what God has done in your past. Your TESTIMONY is the vehicle that will arise the faith to see God move again in greater measure. I choose to live everyday as if God is ready to pour out His spirit on me again.  

South Asia Crusade Update: Day 4

South Asia Crusade
Day 4

Last night was our 4th and final night of our crusade. It was packed and overflowing with people, way beyond capacity! As soon as the seats filled up, all the people began to fill in the standing room and surround the outside of the tent to hear the service. Every night of this crusade it has grown bigger and bigger. Tonight we had over 1,000 people from the village come and seems as if every night it's a different crowd. 

After I gave the message, I asked the people to raise their hands if they wanted to receive salvation. Over half the people raised their hands. I actually thought that they didn't understand me, so I then said, "If you want to give your entire life to Jesus and never worship another God again, raise your hand." Even more hands went up than before! I then asked them to all come to the front so that we could pray together. This was a powerful and mighty sight to see. We then prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and their were many manifestations of demons and healings that took place. 

 -A woman with a leg that was all twisted up, could not walk normal. She was instantly healed and the leg physically re-shifted and relocated into the correct spot during prayer time. 

-A woman with a tumor on her breast received healing and the tumor disappeared completely.

-A little boy who couldn't walk or stand on his right leg began to walk normal again. 

Thank you for praying with us to see God move mightily in this region of South Asia. Tomorrow will be an exciting day, as we will go back to the village and introduce the new pastor to all the new Christians and begin the discipleship process so that we will see sustaining fruit in this region. We will then baptists the hundreds of people in water near the church in Jesus name. We are so amazed at what God is doing! All glory to Him alone. 

Together in the Harvest,
Aaron Perry

South Asia Crusade Update: Day 3

South Asia Crusade
Day 3


Radiance Family,

Tonight has gripped me stronger than ever. 

Tonight was our 3rd meeting. God has continued to move powerfully the previous nights, so our expectancy is growing higher and higher. The atmosphere of readiness and open hearts has increased every night, and tonight was no different. As we arrived to our tent, we were caught off guard by the rain. Thirty minutes prior to the start of the meeting, it seemed as if the crowd was so small, as if there were only 20 people there. As the meeting began to start, the crowds started flooding in. Our tent was at full capacity in a short amount of time. The tent was so full, we asked the children to sit on the floor so we could make more room for the other people trickling in. 

As soon as I was done giving the message, we gave another call for salvation. People began crowding the altar! It was so full, we had to move about 4-5 rows of chairs back to make room for all of the people eager to give their hearts to Jesus. It was so very precious. 

What caught me off guard the most, was how many demons manifested as the name of Jesus was being proclaimed. Once I saw this with my own eyes, there was no denying that God was in the midst of us. The deliverance only increased as the new believers had faith to know that God could also heal them from their oppression and sickness. The presence of God was truly overwhelming!

Healings and deliverance were taking place left and right. In fact, the majority of the testimonies were of the people being set free from the torment of an evil spirit and then having pain/sickness also leave their bodies simultaneously. Tonight, the people giving their testimonies of what God has done took over an hour. Here are just a few:
- A girl who had been mute since she was born, began to speak and say more and more words.
- A blind man was healed after 3 months of not being able to see. 
- A boy, who had fallen down the stairs, suffered from intense knee pain for 1 year and was healed instantly.
- Many headaches and migraines were instantly healed as we prayed for them individually.

Please pray for tomorrow. It will be our final night and we will be introducing the baptism of the Holy Spirit to empower every new believer. This moment will be very intense and we desire that every person receive this precious gift. 

Together in the harvest,
Aaron Perry


South Asia Crusade Update: Day 2

Radiance Family,

We just finished our 2nd meeting. Tonight, the crowd was a completely different group of people that came to the meeting. The crowd was much larger than yesterday and when you walked into the tent there seemed to be a strong expectancy that God was going to do something powerful. 

The majority of the people that come are Hindu and they have no concept of who Jesus is. They were told before the meeting, that many miracles would happen through God the creator in Jesus name. They have never heard the simple message of the Gospel of Jesus. That he died for our sins and saved us to allow us to have eternal life. 

When the call for salvation was made many people continually kept coming down for the response to give their life to Jesus. It was glorious!

After we prayed for salvation, we then introduced Jesus, the healer and miracle worker. This is the moment that all of them were waiting for; that Jesus would heal their bodies. As I was praying and declaring Jesus over the crowd, a demon possessed woman was set free and also completely healed instantaneously. 

Some things that happened:
-  A man was paralyzed on the left side of his body. He was dragging his leg and could not raise his arm. After we prayed, he was completely healed. It looked as if there was never an issue. It was amazing. Praise God!

- A woman with chest pain for 1 entire year was completely healed. 

-Many migraines and headaches left people immediately as we would pray for them. 

-A young boy had blurry vision and was instantly healed when we prayed over the eyes

I believe the many miracles and salvations will only grow more extravegant in the coming days.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us and our team.

Together in the harvest,
Aaron Perry 

South Asia Crusade Update: Day 1

South Asia Crusade

                                                        Day 1

Radiance Family,

I just finished the first night of the crusade and tonight was incredibly successful! We had a great team; as well as an great crusade director on the grounds at our location taking care of all the logistics. The majority of the people who came either walked or were picked up by one of the many rented buses sent out to the region.

The crystal-clear Gospel message was preached, and the response to the call of salvation was absolutely incredible. The tent was completely full and over half of the people came down to the altar to make the public decision to follow Jesus.

The crusade team promoted the event in the village with posters and door-to-door invitations. They shared about Jesus and the many miracles He would be performing.

And Jesus did so many!!!

After the call to salvation, we then prayed for healings and miracles.

Here are some things that happened:
-A young boy was healed from his eye condition. From birth, his eyes were always watering and in pain, with poor vision. He also couldn't talk clearly. His eye condition was healed and his voice was healed as well.

-A woman came to me with hip pain and knee pain. In a matter of seconds, following prayer, she was healed in Jesus name.

-An older woman who had arthritis in her wrists and could barely move them. After praying, the pain began diminishing and she received greater mobility.

Once the service had ended, many more came over to me wanting prayer (this was amazing because most of them were Hindu). God did not stop performing miracles after the service. Jesus healed so many that surrounded me for prayer. It was truly remarkable to witness.

Please continue to pray with us for the next 3 days. That we would see more salvations and miracles in Jesus name.

Together in the Harvest,

Aaron Perry